Iyengar Yoga South Bay

Develop strength, flexibility and a feeling of well-being from your very first class.

New Student Special

3 classes for $39.00.

Must be used within three weeks of the first class.

Current students may gift this offer for a friend.

April Promotion

Bring a Friend for Free April 16-22
Share the joy of yoga with friends and family
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A class for every body!



Tuesday Restorative with Louiza

  • 7:30-8:45 PM
  • All levels


Friday Online with Ruchi

  • 12:00-1:15 PM
  • Level 1-2



Learn classic yoga postures focusing on alignment

We start with the body and teach classic yoga postures with an emphasis on alignment so that strength and flexibility develop concurrently. Even after one’s first class, a feeling of well-being is experienced as the ancient yogis and now modern science concur that there is a direct relationship between one’s body and mind.

From action and doing comes reflection. Over time we help the student develop greater sensitivity to what they are experiencing in the pose. We do this with specific instructions, a prop or with consent, hands on adjustment. The sensitivity and awareness that develops is the seed that enables a transformation in one’s outward pose and inner experience. Thus from your first class yoga is an evolving transformative practice.

Words fail to convey the total value of yoga. It has to be experienced.

yoga class at iyengar yoga south bay
yoga class at iyengar yoga south bay


"I continue to come to yoga classes because it helps me feel good…Physically, as I near age 70, it helps me with my posture, balance, flexibility, strength and aches and pains that come with aging."
Jo Ann

“I have been a longtime student at Iyengar Yoga South Bay. It has been my go-to place for health - in body, mind and community."
Barbara Granas