What is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher?
All of our instructors are Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers(CIYTs) and this certification was earned through meeting the guidelines originally set by BKS Iyengar and most recently modified by Prashant and Abhijata Iyengar in 2020. Our teachers became certified through passing a rigorous three part assessment comprised of a written exam, a demonstration of their practice of asanas, and being observed teaching. The standards to become a certified Iyengar yoga teacher are recognized as the most comprehensive and thorough worldwide. For example, before a student applies for assessment three years of continuous study with a certified teacher are required. Thus becoming a CIYT represents years of practice and study.

What this means to you is that when you study with us you will be taught by dedicated and passionate students of yoga who bring years practice and training to the class. We have all been trained how to individualize instructions when needed for common problems such as back pain, knee pain, stiffness, weakness, etc. You will be taught progressively how to deepen your practice and understanding. You will be seen in the class by observant and caring eyes.

About Us

Our mission is to offer yoga taught in the Iyengar tradition inclusive to all in a safe supportive environment for our student’s continued health and well-being.

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