Aparigraha – living without greed

The fifth [yama] is non-covetousness, modesty in life (aparigraha). Energy needs to flow or its sources wither. By covetousness or miserly clinging on, we stop energy from flowing… 

B.K.S. Iyengar Light on Life


When one is steady in living without surplus possessions and without greed, one realizes the true meaning of one’s life, and all life unfolds before one.

Light on the Yoga Sutras 


In addition to not hoarding material goods, aparigraha is freedom from rigid thinking. Practicing aparigraha creates perspective and a greater understanding of oneself and one’s world. 

Many times, I have wished for things that other people have: more friends, a nicer house, or the ability to do a yoga pose better. But dwelling on these cravings just makes me unhappy and doesn’t improve my life.

When I experience feelings of not having enough, practicing yoga can help. It brings me into the present moment and reduces negative thoughts. It helps me to be grateful for what I have and to help others.



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Kim Scott

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