Yogini Patel

Yogini Patel


Yogini’s first encounter with yoga was as a young child when she observed group of her mother’s friends in odd positions while doing breathing exercises on the living room floor at home. The seed of “Yoga” was already planted then!
Yogini’s yoga practice began about 20 years ago with the hope that it will help her with hyperthyroidism, as a means for stress and anxiety relief. Over the years yoga has not only helped with Hyperthyroidism, but it has brought flexibility, strength, relaxation and clarity to her life. The benefits of yoga go much deeper than just the physical body, there are subtle changes that occur within our self with continued practice of yoga, yoga tones, stretches and relaxes all at the same time. Yogini is now a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher (CIYT) and continues studying, practicing and teaching at The Iyengar South Bay Studio with Jito. She continues to study with Iyengar family and Marla Apt.
She strives to create a practice that is accessible, challenging and fun for all bodies Her intention is to create an empowering and joyful experience on the mat so the students will step off the mat feeling energized, centered and rejuvenated.
Her greatest joy is to share her yoga passion with others and her community

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Our mission is to offer yoga taught in the Iyengar tradition inclusive to all in a safe supportive environment for our student’s continued health and well-being.

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